Docent training, and other ramblings

So let me start this the same way I start the vlogs, Hi I’m EakinJ and this is the EakinJ Not So Daily Blog – and it is a beautiful day!

The second day of Docent training is in the books and I have to be honest and it was a blast. I already know the two mentors who I’ll be working with for various things. For Diggins I’ll be selling sarsaparilla and whatever other little “Don’t need to be speaking” things I can do. That’s a ways off so, but I am looking forward to the event and being up there.

I’m also looking at becoming part of the militia (this is 1852 militia, as a character) up there for some events. There’s something I may do about photography (well about the history of a specific kind of photography)

And let’s no forget… IT.  (Grin) I’m a computer person who I’ve been already warned I’ll be called upon for help on that as well. Not a problem, it’ll be nice to use my knowledge up there.

Since 2009 there has been a lot of dark times, from my brothers suicide to my mom passing away from cancer and COPD among other medical issues, to the death of my other brother due to liver and kidney failure. Then there was the unemployment and uncertainty of everything from keeping the house, to being able to even feed my cats.

So, there have been enough negative events to overcome that when someone comes along that is so cancerous that they can ruin my mood quickly; it’s time to cut bait and save myself the frustration.

This is why the “It’s a beautiful day” at the beginning of the vlogs and now blogs, because there is times that I need to remind myself that the selfish, petty, self-absorbed, threats to my happiness are not worth it, not worth allowing them to spoil my otherwise happy day.

It’s one of those things, I can focus on these sorts or I can go out and enjoy things like the State Parks, going to historic places, camping with friends, whatever, or I can let these emotional leeches bring me down. I refuse to be brought down. So, I don’t know I guess this was meant as a bit of an introduction. I went a bit on a tangent when this was really just going to be about docent training. But, it’s my blog I can be as disjointed (see what I did there?) as I wanna be.