25, July 2015

CAX – Retro Gaming

This past weekend was CAX (California Extreme). I spend the first part of Disjointed Podcast #6 detailing the event. I wanted to post some pictures and go into a little more detail for anyone interested in the event or those of you who attended. So, here is my review! California Extreme ( is an annualRead More …

1, June 2015

Dallas Fan Expo

This weekend was the Dallas Fan Expo. This corresponded with our trip back to visit family and friends, so we decided to attend the show. We used to go all the different versions of Dallas Comic Con back when we lived in Dallas. It was my first introduction to cons, meeting famous people, and seeingRead More …

22, May 2015

Emerald City Comic Con

I had originally planned these as three separate posts, but I’m going to post them together instead. Enjoy! ~Emily Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1 We arrived before they opened to line up in the longest line you’ve ever seen. It’s always surprising how many people go to these things. The tickets have beenRead More …