12, March 2017

Emerald City Comic Con 2017

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and one day I’ll be better about that. But for now, here is my review and experience at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con.

Emerald City Comic Con (http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/) takes place in Seattle, this year at the beginning of March. It’s 3.5 days celebrating all things geeky and nerdy with celebrities, artists, vendors, and entertainment for all. There were a few changes to the format this year. There were no VIP badges. All autographs and photos were at the Sheraton hotel across the street (where gaming usually is – gaming was moved to the second floor of the Washington Convention Center). Food trucks were back!

We arrived Thursday to get a lay of the land and grab a few author autographs. Thursdays are the lightest days, so getting through our long list of people was critical. We met the Dodsons, Terry and Rachel, artists on the Princess Leia comic book series. The husband/wife duo were very nice, and we talked for a while about different comic cons and the Bay area. We also met Timothy Zahn, best known for his Thrawn series in the expanded Star Wars universe. We were able to find a Thrawn figure (only one we’ve ever seen) on the show floor earlier for him to sign in addition to his books. He had a deservedly longer line as Zahn is responsible for so much in the written world of Star Wars. Aside from autographs, we tried for the Funko line, where they offer show exclusives, but it was sold out. We also found an artist who makes video game art in the style of old Japanese scroll art. Beautiful work.

Friday was our first of two days in costume. We went as the Bakers from Resident Evil 7. No one audible recognized us, but many were trying to determine if we were or weren’t in costume, which I still consider a win. We attended a Thrawn talk by Zahn, which was easily one of the best talks. His stories of Lucasfilm and getting the Thrawn character into Star Wars Rebels, along with his own writing and publishing process was fascinating and never lagged once. The Q&A was a bit awkward at times (they always are…), but he handled everything like a pro, and 45 minutes flew by. We wandered around the main floor more today, finding a few treasures. We went to the Sheraton and met most of the voice actors. We met Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Jim Cummings, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeille. They each spoke in character, which was really cool. I also understand why it’s so difficult to get into voice acting. They each do so many voices and characters. Why go to someone new when someone established likely has a voice that will work? At the end of the day, I also spotted Sam Heughan as he was leaving his photo session.

Saturday we wore our Bioshock costumes. They were much more successful. We tried to meet Todd McFarlane, but the line was out of control. I’m not sure everyone who waited even saw him. There was drama with Jason Momoa, but Troy Baker was very nice. We talked about anniversary gifts. Random but funny. He’s also really tall. When wandering through artist alley, we found the concept artist for Darth Revan and HK-47 for Knights of the Old Republic. He shared some of the BioWare stories and controversies of the game. We received a print of his design of Darth Malak, which was superior to what made it into the game (artist drama). Originally, we had planned to go as Darth Revan and Bastila from the game, so I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t finish the costumes.

With all of our autographs complete, we spent Sunday walking around the convention center, making sure we didn’t miss anything. I’m sure we did, but we tried to be as thorough as possible. We saw the Lego exhibit downstairs, which had battles from Endor and Scarif along with scenes from Dune and other creations. It was our quietest day, mostly because we were so exhausted from the previous ones. Your feet really start to hurt by then.

The con was a success overall. It’s so much fun to attend and see all the cosplay and vendors. While there were more autographs than previous years so we spent more time standing in line, we still enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next year. And, yes, there were a lot of people.


The (Young) Bakers from RE7

Bioshock Jack and Splicer

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