4, September 2017

San Francisco Comic Con 2017

Hi everyone!

This Labor Day weekend was the second annual San Francisco Comic Con. If you recall from my post last year, the first version of this con was a complete logistical nightmare. The hotel was not the correct venue, we had no cell signal, and people were everywhere. We were concerned until we saw that the venue changed from the hotel ballrooms to the more spacious Moscone center. If you’ve ever attended a conference in SF, chances are that it was at Moscone. They handle Google, Apple, Salesforce, Oracle, and GDC conventions every year, so we were confident they could handle a small-ish convention.

The celebrity and artist roster this year was slightly larger than last year. About a dozen movie and television stars and about twenty artists were in attendance. The downstairs floor was the exhibitor room with vendors at the front, two rows of artists towards the back, and celebrities along the back wall. All panels and talks were on the second and third floors. It was an ideal layout and one that we’ve experienced at cons in the past.

We arrived on Friday to a decent crowd. The con opened at noon, and most of the guests were signing that day. We systematically combed through the vendor area, discovering a lot of quality artwork. Disney artists, comic artists, video game artists…they showcased their work and discussed their careers. With Force Friday the same day, we expected that most of the toy vendors would have the coveted new Star Wars toys, and they did. There weren’t many surprise gems in the collectables space, but the amazing artwork made up for it.

Saturday is usually our cosplay day, but SF decided that this weekend it would break all temperature records and be over 100 degrees. With costumes out, we decided to get our autograph. We met Summer Glau, of Firefly/Serenity, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape, Arrow, etc. Incredibly sweet and pleasant, she’s one of the most genuine celebrities we’ve ever met. We’d always wondered one of the mysteries of her character on The Cape, so we took a chance and asked Summer if she knew anything about Orwell’s life. Turns out, she was going to have an alter ego in season two. As a group, we lamented the superhero show that was cancelled before superhero shows were cool. We took a photo with her, and it was the highlight of the show.

By Sunday, the vendor area was decimated. It was obvious that they were expecting a much smaller crowd, and several booths were closed because they’d sold all their merchandise. Definitely a success for them. We wandered through the floor again, finding more art pieces for our collection. We bought two portfolio books, which is a perfect way to protect and consolidate our four years of comic con artwork.

SF hasn’t had their own comic con since Wondercon left. While Silicon Valley is a massive show, the second year in SF was a success. Moscone allows room for expansion, which they can easily do. Add vendors, artists, guests…let’s keep the momentum going. Only, maybe not on the hottest weekend ever.


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