29, September 2015


One of my first posts was about cosplaying. As this year’s conventions have wrapped up (at least for the cosplaying aspect), I wanted to follow up more about this topic in what I have learned and encourage any new thoughts/suggestions.

The year begin with us dressed as Princess Kenny and High Jew Elf Kyle from South Park’s game, Stick of Truth. The beginning of this month had us dressed as Elsenova and Trace from Axiom Verge. Both costumes were completed in the eleventh hour as I always underestimate how much time it will actually take. One involved a lot of sewing details; one involved strange engineering feats. With our South Park costumes, I was able to take full advantage of not only screenshots from the game itself, but the four inch figures. My Princess Kenny figure still sits on my desk at work. This made creating the costumes much easier as I had great visuals to copy. Axiom Verge was a bit more challenging. Elsenova is only see in profile, even in her final form. Trace is pixelated. The creatures on his back are red blobs. This meant I had to take a few creative liberties. I assumed her face was mirrored and painted my mask as such. Since the majority of her body isn’t shown in her middle form, I wore a black dress to accentuate my face. We cut the back of Grayson’s coat for the pipes/tentacles and didn’t fix it. If tentacles came out of Trace’s back, then they likely came through his coat. It was an interesting experiment, and it turned out well. I think Grayson enjoyed the engineering of it all, figuring out the harness, figuring out how to balance the weight and create the image we were looking for. We tried to stay true to the source material, and Tom Happ (the genius behind Axiom Verge) was pleased with our tribute.

Now, what does the upcoming year bring? We have two conventions planned for next year already, which means at least two costumes. One idea we have continues with our video game theme, but is a much more popular series. The other branched into a cartoon series. They have several pros: neither are popular cosplay, which gives us an edge to be the only ones dressed as them and not have to be compared to others at the conventions; they are simpler to wear. Both our costumes this year were complex to wear and tiring halfway through the day. However, they do require a bit more sewing than others, and my hands still hurt from sewing all the letters on that bathrobe. I don’t own a sewing machine. I don’t really have a good reason why. I’m looking for recommendations, so let me know if you have any. Also, has anyone used foam armor? I’ve heard that it’s easy to use, a sort of cut/paint/cook thing that ends up looking amazing.

Well, this post has turned out rather long! I think I’ll leave more thoughts for the next post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Papers, Please Cosplay ECCC 2014

Papers, Please Cosplay ECCC 2014

Princess Kenny and High Jew Elf Kyle

Princess Kenny and High Jew Elf Kyle ECCC 2015

Trace and Elsenova from Axiom Verge

Trace and Elsenova from Axiom Verge SJCC 2015

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