26, June 2017

June Video Games


In my short-lived game corner, I reviewed some of my favorite game series. Figuring I wouldn’t get through enough new games to keep the segment going, I cancelled it. But since it’s summertime, I’ve made it my new mission to start chipping away at the backlog and have some content for my blog. So, here are my reviews for June.

Zero Time Dilemma

The Zero Escape series is one of my favorites, so, when the third and final game came out, it was an obvious buy. Quick summary: a group of people wake up with no memory in an unknown location and are forced to solve puzzles in an attempt to escape. It’s in the visual novel category, so it’s heavy on the story. The puzzles are challenging like before, and the story provides closure for the series. It’s fun to see what happened to the characters and visit them one last time as they try to stop the end of the human race.

Pros: Great story, smart puzzles, new characters that interact well with the ones from 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. I still love them, and I was sad when the final credits rolled.

Cons: The new fragment way of playing. In the first game, you played through it over and over to get the different endings. In 2, there is a tree structure, where you can replay certain scenes to discover the other endings. In 3, every scene is separate, and you can play most in any order, which means that you can spoil plot points for yourself. How is <> dead? What happened to <>? It can be annoying.

Conclusion: It’s an amazing series. Play them if you haven’t. They’ve been remastered for 3DS/Vita. The story and characters are too good to pass up.

Alien Isolation

We’ve been in an Alien kick lately. Since the new movie (which was fairly good), we decided to play Alien Isolation, which came out a few years ago. (Yes, we have a serious backlog.) The game takes place after the original Alien movie and stars Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she goes in search of what happened. An homage to the series, you sneak around a spaceship, hiding from the alien and the killer androids.

Pros: The visuals are superb and true to the films. Parts were filmed on Betamax to achieve the right sounds and images for the old computers. Betamax! Tense moments, hiding under a table, watching the alien walk back and forth, realizing you saved last six rooms ago…lots of stress but in a good way. Amanda is like us, and we couldn’t take on an alien and live.

Cons: The alien is really smart sometimes. Too smart. Makes the game more frustrating than challenging. Fortunately, there were only a couple of those times.

Conclusion: A billion times better than any Alien game I’ve ever played. The devs cared about this game and put in a tremendous amount of effort. If you’re a fan of the series, it’s worth checking out. But it might give you nightmares. 🙂

Did you play either of these? What were your June games?


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