Columbia, CA

So I owe a debt of gratitude to Justin Scarred (JustinScarred on Youtube) for a comment he made in one of his Sometimes Vlogs, and although I can’t remember the exact quote, he basically stated that people shouldn’t overlook the strange and wonderful things in their own neighborhoods and local areas.

If I remember correctly in the video he had found a repair shop that had a large bush trimmed in the shape of a truck with a real truck grill and attached to it.

This did inspired me to start doing a couple things, first thing it did was give me a bit of a kick in the @ss to do the documentary that I had been hoping someone else would make. Although it’s not on the front burner, it is being plotted out.

The second was to try and see if there was anything in the town that I live in that interested me. I’ve always been interested in history and the town does have a little museum that’s open one day a week. However, for reasons I have documented elsewhere, I failed in my attempt at feeling affection or interest in this town (I live here, but it is *not* my home.) So I did the next best thing, I randomly looked up ghost towns, all of which I was expecting to find either way off in Nevada, or like Bodie, on the other side of Yosemite (and not easily traveled to for day visits.)

What I found was a reference to a “ghost town” (People live there and have never left, so it is *not* really a ghost town by defenition) called La Grange, and a video online by the one and only Huell Howser.

Looking at the map, I found that it’s not far from where I live, so I loaded up the car and make the drive out there. The town itself is quiet and almost adorably small, but there’s something very special about it.

While I was there I made my way into the saloon for lunch and was told about another town called Columbia. I took note of it, but didn’t really get too excited because the description was kind of vague and mostly in passing during conversation about the bridge in and other sites in La Grange.

During the following week I started researching Columbia and even bought tickets to a show at the Fallon House theater, that trip and car wreck in Jamestown was documented here : TEJNSD 002 La Grange again and Columbia almost.

Do to the fact I wasn’t in the happiest of places (being that I sat in a ditch for two hours, in the rain, dealing with my insurance company, trying to get at the very least towed out of the mud bank I was stuck in.) so when I got to Columbia I pretty much went no further then Fallon House, didn’t even realize that only a few yards away was actual living history.

So for a quick minute I lost interest in returning to Columbia, but me being the hard head that I am, and being unwilling to allow that bad experience stand as my only experience, I returned.

On my return, it took me about 10 minutes in Columbia to realize I wanted to become a Docent there. After going into several of the shops, seeing those historic buildings and the recreated/rebuilt buildings, I was hooked.

I immediately went into the museum and spoke to Molly and asked how I could be a part of the living history up there and was handed an application.

Unfortunately the last two times I have been up there, the weather has been horrid, and the last time I was up there I was still recovering from being sick. So I didn’t really record much in the way of vlogs. However I did take some photos, and here those are –

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