Knights Ferry (Cell Phone) 12/9/16

I would have to image it is a similar feeling that washes over those who’ve been in the deep forest, in those moments when Bigfoot steps out from behind a great redwood and poses for his (or her) close up in thrilled anticipation only to find that they, in the midst’s of what is likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, have left their pricy collection of camera equipment at home.

Admittedly Knights Ferry is slightly easier to find and photograph then that diva of the redwoods Bigfoot is, but would probably be better served (as would the viewers of these photographs) had I actually had my Canon with me at the time.

And since I can’t seem to help myself  (Pleeeeeeeease like me), here’s a link to the vlog I recorded on my less than adequate cell phone

EakinJ Not So Daily The one where I wish I had my DSLR Knights Ferry